About Us

ELDisplays.com is a specialty stocking distributor of electroluminescent displays and the sister division to LCDPanels.com.  We're located in the shipping corridor of Southern California, conveniently just miles away from the west coast hubs for both FedEx and UPS -allowing for extended shipping hours to get critical parts on their way to you.

In May of 2003, we started in a small two-bedroom apartment in Anaheim, CA and have since grown into a 14,000 sq. ft. warehouse with over 1,200 sq. ft. of a Class 1000 cleanroom, thousands of test fixtures, and complete display refurbishment capabilities.  We've built a name for ourselves in carrying over 5,000 models of displays, touchscreens, and inverters in stock (Yes, In Stock!) with the ability to test over 95% of the displays that we ship.  ELDisplays.com is happy to send pictures of the display that you buy, powered-up, so you can have a full visual inspection and know exactly what you are getting -something you won't find with the "here today, gone tomorrow" vendors in China who are all too happy to post pictures of an item that they can't test, don't have, or have never even seen before.  When it's critical to get the right display to get your system back up & running, don't take chances -turn to the team at ELDisplays.com to ensure that your project is a success!

Call us Toll Free in the US or Canada at 1.888.394.6077 or internationally at +01.909.355.3200.

Email us at support@eldisplays.com



1140 N 31st

Unit A

Temple, TX 76504

United States of America

Payment Methods:

We accept Visa, American Express, and Mastercard as well as Paypal.

For orders over $5,000, we can also support Escrow or Direct Wire/TT.  Please contact a sales representative by phone or email for more details.